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to create by clever use of manufacture

By definition, manufacturing covers a number of areas:  furniture, doors, artwork, soft-goods (drapes, throws, pillows), candles,  or decorative iron work.  We manufacture a look, style, feel … complete your vision.  We don’t stop here, however.  You want a reproduction of a timeless  heirloom, be it a piece of furniture or an antique door, we are in our comfort zone.  We have designed hidden compartments to hide an antique gun collection and keepsakes. We have buried in the cabinet inscriptions by those commissioning the piece……..limitless possibilities.



Kim Adams Island Base in Shop.JPG
Kim Adams Island Edge_edited.jpg
Doors in Construction Odd_edited.jpg
Kim Adams Island Brenda Paining.JPG
Brenda Reed

Ray Reed

Ray Reed.

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