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     Cork Pops










Legacy Wine Bottle Opener

Comes with a cartridge that will open approximately 60 bottles of wine.

Does not affect the flavor of the wine

Hasa needle guard and foil cutter.


$11 Refills (2 per package)

(Affailable in store)






     Door Knob Bottle Stoppers











These festive wine stoppers come in designs that replicate the detailing of Victorian doorknobs.

$48  (Available in store)



GG Collection

Ice Cream Bucket (Pint)

$64   (Available in store)

Gold Cylinder Candle Holder










Gold cylinder glass candle jar on a simple hard wood pedestal base.

Small - 7" x 7" x 10" tall   $85

Med - 9" x 9" x 12.5" tall   $135  (Available in store)



Turkish Water Jugs

















Copper Water Jugs from Turkey.  Various designs.  For decorating use.  (Available in store)


Candle Holders


Choose from many types and styles of candle holders .

(Available in store)


Dough Bowls










Vaious shapes and sizes.

(Available in Store)



(Available in store)


Paper Cutter



Paper cutter is custom made in any size and finish. Customize to your specifications.


(Shown)  24" Paper Roll

$275. (Available in store)



Custom Wood Handled Tools

                            -by Joey Waters








Custom Made From Any Time of Wood

(See Materials)


Bolttle Opener          


Ice Cream Scoop. 


Pizza Cutter



(Available in store)


       Glass Pillar Oil Candle Set







Three pillar oil candles (4 inches,

5 inches and 6 inches in height)

Includes 16-oz. bottle of paraffin lamp oil.  


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