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The Woods of Reed Design

“Suppose you lived in a house surrounded by acres of trees.  What particular type of tree would you want flourishing on your land?”

                Hardwoods, exotic woods, reclaimed, long grain, stain grade…..decisions, decisions, decisions. 

                Woods are wonderful.  Reed Design crafts using them all:  maple, walnut, pecan, alder, mesquite, ash, mahogany, sapele, aspen, chestnut, padauk, cypress,  rosewood, poplar, cherry, bodark, fur, oak, hickory, birch, knotty alder,  and in rare instances we are asked to make something out of pine or cedar.  Additionally, on many occasions we have used special materials supplied by our customers;  Granddad's old barn wood, Dad's cypress found in storage, door surrounds from an ancestor's home,  trim molding from Grand-moms home, beams from the farm storage building, flooring from an old warehouse, and walls from old rail-road cars……the list goes on and on.



To think of and create by clever use of imagination

By definition, manufacturing covers a number of areas:  furniture, doors, artwork, soft-goods (drapes, throws, pillows), candles,  or decorative iron work.  Our business model:  to manufacture a look, style, feel … complete your vision.  We don’t stop here, however.  You want a reproduction of a timeless  heirloom, be it a piece of furniture or an antique door, we are in our comfort zone.  We have designed hidden compartments to hide an antique gun collection and keepsakes. We have buried in the cabinet inscriptions by those commissioning the piece……..limitless possibilities.



“If you could erect a lighthouse that would guide you toward satisfying what your mind has imagined”


Many of our inspirations come from original pieces. Sometimes, we will reproduce them as accurately as possible, while at other times we will take a detail that we like and design a completely new piece of furniture around that feature.  Oftentimes, we start the design process from scratch. We get our inspiration from our customers such as a picture from a magazine or an idea brewing in their imagination.   Whatever you have in your mind's eye, we can bring it to life. 

Reed Design also has the ability to bring an old piece back to life. Reupholstering, refinishing, or repurposing are all within our capabilities.  








Vision vs. eyesight

Our Goal: 

Our Path:  Custom design followed by custom, hand made manufacturing.


Your Partners:  Brenda and Ray Reed, Reed Design Olde World


The Result:  Generational Home Design and Decor


If you could create a new piece of furniture for your home, one that is not available in any store, what would it be?


Timeless Home fashion from imagination.  From a single accessory to a whole room makeover.  From an idea to reality.  From start to finish.  From house plans to finished home.

Timeless interiors with a touch of olde world elegance and charm

Creating a vision.. Complete your vision

RD Lighthouse:  Transform the black and white world of shopping to color

From reproduction to original


Construction and repair

The Goal:  To enter your home and question which is the best conversation piece.


We are craftsmen.


We try to display a large range of skills in our store. We take pride in our work, which we hope is evident in our antique replicas and custom designs. We try to go far beyond just creating furniture that resembles furniture you see elsewhere but we try to create both a classic and timeless piece destined to be an heirloom. We use age-old techniques, and breathe soul and lasting-quality into our products.  We  use high quality hard wood (see list of woods below).

DC 1306
DC 1316
DC 1316
DC 1303
DC 1318
DC 1314
DC 1317
DC 1320
DC 1319
DC 1315
DC 1312
DC 1311
DC 1310
DC 1309
DC 1308
DC 1305
DC 1304
DC 1301
DC 6302
DC 6403
DC 6404
DC 6406
DC 6408
DC 6410
DC 6412
DC 6413
DC 6414
DC 6415
DC 6416
DC 6417a
DC 6417b

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Customer Map

DC 6401
DC 6302
DC 6403
DC 6404
DC 6405
DC 6406
DC 6407
DC 6408
DC 6409
DC 6410
DC 6411
DC 6412
DC 6413
DC 6414
DC 6415
DC 6416
DC 6417a
DC 6417b
CH 8801
CH 8802
CH 8803
CH 8804
CH 8805
CH 8806
CH 8807
CH 8808
CH 8809
CH 8810
CH 8811
CH 8812
CH 8813
CH 8814
CH 8815
CH 8821
CH 8841
CH 8842
CH 8843
CH 8844
CH 8822
CH 8825
CH 8823
CH 8824
CH 8825
CG 8826
CH 8827
CH 8828
CH 8829
CH 8830
CH 8831
CH 8832
CH 8833
CH 8834
CH 8835
CH 8836
CH 8837
CH 8838
CH 8839
CH 8840

dining chairs

occasional chairs

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SAT         10-5



Canton First  Monday Trade Days


Merry Christmas

                                                                        from Ray and Brenda Reed

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